soft date and oat bars

A date, a peanut, and an oat sit down and order a drink. The bartender says, “what do you think this is, a granola bar? “ Recently I read Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship with Food by Rachel Herz. You can imagine why the title piqued my interest. IContinue reading “soft date and oat bars”

reese’s pb cups (sugar free)

A couple of times a year, I break-up with sugar. It’s a nice reset that lasts 30 days. The first week is the hardest and then it gets progressively easier each week. My sleep quality improves, my energy is high, and my skin looks amazing.  I love super dark chocolate (85% or higher) so I getContinue reading “reese’s pb cups (sugar free)”

broccoli slaw

Thank you Deb from Smitten Kitchen for this recipe! Deb is an incredible writer, recipe creator, and a huge inspiration for this blog.  I received a signed copy of The Smitten Kichen Cookbook many years ago and it’s one my go-to’s, as evidenced by its many stains and bent pages. It’s always a good signContinue reading “broccoli slaw”

lamb stew with harissa and acorn squash

I’m getting sick of cooking every single meal – and I’m sure you are too! So, here is a dish that can be served multiple times (and it gets better as it sits, win win situation).  Stew may not seem summery, but San Francisco summers are a fickle beast. During the day it may beContinue reading “lamb stew with harissa and acorn squash”

brisket tacos with cabbage slaw

As a Jewish girl living in California (and heavily influenced by Mexican food) it seems only natural that I would eventually make brisket tacos! I used the framework for my favorite brisket recipe, but used lime juice and green chiles instead of fennel and vinegar. Kind of a riff on barbacoa? But not authentically mexicanContinue reading “brisket tacos with cabbage slaw”

leek and goat cheese galette

J’adore galettes and I make a lot of them! Apple galettes for Thanksgiving, cherry galettes for my Dad’s birthday (his favorite), and galettes with whatever looks good at the farmers’ market.  It’s only recently that I started to make savory galettes, because I ordered too many vegetables in our weekly Imperfect Produce box. Whoops! I wasContinue reading “leek and goat cheese galette”

brussels sprouts with pumpkin seeds and lime

I did not like vegetables as a kid. The dreaded vegetable had to be eaten before I could move on to the good stuff, like dessert. To try and outmaneuver this rule (not sure how I thought my 5-year-old brain could trick my parents), I decided that, just like cows, I had multiple stomachs: oneContinue reading “brussels sprouts with pumpkin seeds and lime”