brussels sprouts risotto

Plenty More is one of the seven (yes, seven!) beloved Ottolenghi cookbooks that grace my kitchen. This one is vegetable-centric with a lot of fantastic recipes. I was reading it recently for inspiration and realized I had everything to make this dish, in particular, some homemade stock languishing in my fridge. I supposed I couldContinue reading “brussels sprouts risotto”

soft date and oat bars

A date, a peanut, and an oat sit down and order a drink. The bartender says, “what do you think this is, a granola bar? “ Recently I read Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship with Food by Rachel Herz. You can imagine why the title piqued my interest. IContinue reading “soft date and oat bars”

noe-pi cauliflower

Nopi is Ottolenghi’s Soho (London)-based restaurant that I aspire to go to (once we can travel again, of course). Until then, I have to satisfy my wanderlust by cooking from the Nopi cookbook here in Noe Valley! The book itself is gorgeous, with vibrant pictures and gold-foil lined pages. It is pretty enough to beContinue reading “noe-pi cauliflower”